Our Top Three Tips for a Successful Candle Experience by Nula Soy Candles

Although all of our candles contain a full candle care and safety guide, we often find that these guidelines, once read can be forgotten resulting in a disappointing experience.

We have put together our top three candle tips to help you ensure a successful candle experience every time.

Top Tip Number 1 – When lighting a candle for the very first time, allow the entire surface area to melt into a liquid.

Depending on the size of the candle, this could take up to four hours. This should prevent any tunnelling of the candle and wastage of fragranced wax.

Top Tip Number 2 – Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting it. This needs to be done every time. 

This will  help prevent sooting or flickering of the wick. We recommend using a wick trimmer.

Top Tip Number 3 – Keep the wick central

Sometimes the wick can move to one side or the other, keeping it central allows an even burn.


Nula Soy Candle Blue Mountain Alto in Teal

Our beautiful lit Blue Mountains of Australia Alto Candle in Teal coloured Bavaria Crystal Glassware…..