We are delighted to be able to now offer a free of charge, six fragrance paper sample set. The set can take you on a ‘one of a kind journey’ from the perfumed Elizabethan Gardens of England 1568 to Las Pampas in Argentina and onto Maui Beach, Hawaii. The next stop is the island of Bali in Indonesia, followed by the whispering Blue Mountains of Australia. Our final resting place is Peaceful Earth. All of our fragranced candles are made with only 100% pure certified organic essential oils in natural renewable soy wax.

One thing we have noticed, working closely with our Focus Groups and our customers, is that everybody likes different fragrances…! The reason for the introduction of our free of charge, six 100% organic fragrance sample set is to give you the opportunity to try all of our fragrances, in order to help you decide which candle hopefully to try first.

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