We were thrilled to have had our Nula Soy Candle Collection featured by Joanna from Liebesbotschaft of Germany in February of this year. She chose to write about Elizabethan Gardens, 1568 England in Rose and Las Pampas, Argentina in Charcoal. One portrays a tender, love scene in Elizabethan England whilst the other takes you to the home of the Gaucho Cowboy and the tango…!! Such was the contrast.

Her article can be read in both German and English. We think that her photography is just stunning. Thank you so much to Joanna and to Dr Nina Kraus of GreenGlam in Bavaria for introducing our candles to Germany.

http://liebesbotschaft.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/duftend-und-hell-meine-beauty-lieblinge.htmllinked here